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这是2019-2020年的结果数据, 影响, and impacts of the ASEAN 大学 网络’s various activities and projects. It is divided into the four distinct categories below:

1. 人力资源开发
   These are the results pertaining to the development of talents to become an invaluable
   part of the ASEAN workforce and to become world leaders.
2. 研究/学术项目
    These results are the research publications and projects produced as a result of regional
    由非盟协助或推动的合作. 机构能力
3. These are the results pertaining to the improvement and maintenance of ASEAN higher
4. 网络/联盟
    These are the 网络 improvements and 网络 strengthening results that come about
    through the sharing of good practices, work process improvements, and enlarging our