“The Fourth Meeting of ASEAN Heads of Government held in 1992 emphasized the need to hasten the development of a regional identity and solidarity, and promote human resources development by considering ways to strengthen the existing network of leading universities and institutions of higher learning in the ASEAN region with a view to ultimately establishing an ASEAN University based on this expanded network.” - Preamble to the Charter of the ASEAN University Network (1995)


Why We Are Here


The ASEAN University Network came into being in 1995 when the 利记 Charter was signed by Ministers responsible for Higher Education from ASEAN countries, the Agreement on the Establishment of the 利记 was signed by the presidents, rectors, and vice chancellors of participating universities, and the formation of the 利记 Board of Trustees.


The 利记 was formed to address the need for the region to quickly develop a regional identity and solidarity while promoting the fostering of ASEAN talents by creating a platform to allow the region’s leading higher education institutions to collaborate. From 1995 until now, the 利记 remains firmly committed to the mission that was set out in the preamble to its charter.


Today, the 利记 is a network widely recognised as a vital mechanism for the build-up of an active and renowned ASEAN community in higher education. Given such importance, the 利记 was highly commended by the Meeting of Ministers for Education in ASEAN Countries for its achievements in upgrading the capacity of ASEAN human resources and enhancing the quality of education of the 利记 member universities. With the strengths and expertise of our members, the 利记 can play a major role in broadening the integration of the ten ASEAN countries, into one cohesive ASEAN Community and narrowing the development gap among them, which are ultimate goals of ASEAN.